Astronomy and Our Dark Skies

Do you have an interest in learning more about the stars, planets, and beyond? Please fill out this survey to let us know about your interest in astronomy.

At Lyme Land Trust we believe the dark sky up there is as much a gift to us as are the forests, the trails within those forests, the rivers and waterways, and everything else that makes Lyme special. To that end, we have decided to offer astronomy information and events as part of our overall mission. 

The astronomy program is spearheaded by Alan Sheiness and Scott Mallory.

An introduction

Watch the webinar ‘It’s All About Astronomy – An Introduction to Astronomy and the Start of a Lyme Land Trust Program’ (above) to learn more about the program and to meet Alan and Scott. 

Check back here often for general astronomy information as well as specific activities including outdoor observing at a suitably dark site. 

Alan Sheiness is a ten-year resident of Lyme, CT, and Treasurer of The Lyme Land Trust. Alan is a promoter of dark skies and amateur astrophotographer. Contact:

Scott Mallory is a three-year resident of Lyme, CT. Scott has a passion for astronomy, and that passion became an earnest hobby under the dark skies of Lyme. Contact:

Hand and hand with astronomy, we wish to promote the 
Protection of Our Dark Skies

The view up there is a window into our universe, and it should be our intention to keep that window pristine for ourselves and our future generations.  As part of the Sustainable CT effort ( we seek to inform the public about light pollution and how to arrest its insidious spread across our region… Read more

Watch this video of a total eclipse by Alan Sheiness