Quest for the Quote

New Challenge!
The Lyme Land Trust challenges you to decipher 18 clues that will bring you to locations throughout many of the Lyme Preserves (preserves cooperatively owned and or managed by the Lyme Land Trust, the Town of Lyme and The Nature Conservancy) from December 1, 2021 through June 1, 2022. Once you find the locations, there will be a word associated with each numbered location that together will create a quote. For a full list and maps of all our preserves, visit our preserves page here. Helpful Hint – Make sure to view the detailed maps of the preserves before you head out!

Wall of Honor (list of those who have completed the Quest)

have the option to To Begin your Quest:
1. Print the list of clues and begin.
2. Starting with number 1, go to the preserve and decipher the clue.
3. Go to the location and find the 5 inch x 5 inch marker that has the corresponding number and write down the word.
4. Once you have found all 18 clues, you will have a quote.
5. Submit the form below  with the full quote and we will add you to the Wall of Honor! 
6. Once you fill out the form and click submit, you have the option to donate $50 and receive a shirt with the quote printed on the back with the Lyme Land trust logo on the front.