Through events, programs, and other forms of involvement, the Education Committee seeks to broaden community awareness of open space and instill conservation values, with special emphasis on engaging and inspiring the next generation to love Lyme’s remarkable resources.

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Youth Programming

Interpretive Trails: We create self-guided walks to highlight different aspects of our preserves.

Interesting News: We prepare and make available informative articles for the Lyme Land Trust Newsletter and this website.

Scientific Study: We facilitate study of the natural resources present on our preserves for educational and land management purposes.

  • Trailside Trespassers – invasive species study in summer 2023 by LLT intern Ashwini Sahasrabudhe, junior at Bowdoin College, and LLT Environmental DirectorJim Arrigoni.  Trailside Trespassers: Invasive Plants in our Preserves Presentation 2023. 
  • Wild Lyme Project – everyone is invited to participate in this citizen scientist project. Using the online community science platform, iNaturalist, we are seeking to better understand the species of plants, animals, fungi and other living things inhabiting Lyme preserves. To learn more. 

Partnerships: We join with the schools and other organizations to promote the importance of land conservation.

Virtual education: Check out the Explore tab of the webpage to see educational videos and zoom presentations produced by the Lyme Land Trust.