The Stewardship Committee of the Lyme Land Trust is focused on our core stewardship responsibilities: monitoring easements, responding to landowner inquiries, investigating violations, and upholding the terms of our conservation easements and the care of the properties owned by LLT.

To learn more about stewardship volunteer opportunities on Lyme’s preserves. 

Property Monitor or Steward

The Land Trust depends on a cadre of trained volunteers to visit each and every property – fee and easement – at least once a year. Easement properties are monitored to ensure that the provisions of the original conservation easements are honored. Fee properties are also monitored by volunteers to keep boundaries marked, to maintain trails, and to implement the activities identified in the individual management plans. To learn more about Fee and Easement properties click here.

If you would like to help, become a property monitor or steward.

Photo by Wendolyn Hill