Volunteer of the year

The Lyme Land Trust Volunteer of the Year Award was established in 2019. Any Lyme Land Trust Board member may nominate a candidate for this honor. The Lyme Land Trust Board assesses the outstanding qualities of the nominated volunteer based upon:
  • how the volunteer has helped the Lyme Land Trust fulfill its mission of preserving, protecting, and stewarding land of high conservation value in Lyme for the public good,
  • whether the volunteer has helped share the message and educate the community regarding the natural world and the benefits of conservation.
  • the length of time over which the candidate has provided his or her volunteered services.
  • the nature and extent of the volunteer’s contributions to the entire community.
  • the difference the volunteer has made to the quality of life in Lyme.
Lean more about becoming a volunteer for Lyme Land Trust here.

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