Educational Videos

Light Pollution Presentation with Alan Sheiness and Misha Semonov-Leiva

In this presentation recorded on May 3, 2023, learn the impact of an artificially brightened night sky, including the effects on natural cycles in aquatic and terrestrial life. Simple site lighting design changes that can thwart impact while promoting safety.

Sheltering in Nature: Transforming an Ordinary Backyard into Pollinator Habitat ––and an Opportunity for Nature Photography

In this zoom webinar, recorded September 18, 2022, award-winning photographer, Illustrator, and author Patrick J. Lynch shares gorgeous photographs of the result of simple, inexpensive changes to make their fairly ordinary backyard into a friendlier habitat for wildlife of all kinds. He shares with us his beautiful macro photographs.

Our Hidden Landscapes: Stone Cultural Features & Ceremonial Sites with Dr. Lucianne Lavin

This zoom webinar, recorded February 27, 2022, is an illustrated presentation of stone structures left behind in our woods with a focus on the built ceremonial stone landscapes of the Indigenous populations that have inhabited New England for more than 10,000 years. Lucianne Lavin, PhD, is Director Emeritus of Research at the Institute for American Indian Studies is a museum, research and educational center in Washington, CT.

Spring Emergence: An Exploration of Wildflowers in Pleasant Valley and Jewett Preserves with Mike Zarfos

Filmed May 2, 2021

This is the third in a series of preserve explorations with charismatic naturalist Mike Zarfos. In this 27-minute video, we learn about the ephemeral native plants that are the first to emerge in our forests. They provide beauty and wonder for us, and vital nourishment for native pollinators.

Propagating Native Plants from Seed with Jim Sirch

This zoom webinar was recorded January 22, 2022

Including native plants in your garden is a great way to help pollinators. In this workshop, Jim Sirch, Education Coordinator at the Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History, explains how to plant a seed selection in a plastic jug to stratify over the winter

The Tree Collective Activities 2020-2021

Share the memories of an eventful year of work and play in the outdoors with our high school aged volunteers, “The Tree Collective” led by Regan Stacey.