Educational Videos

1. An Exploration of Beaver Pond Ecology–Hartman Park, Lyme CT with Mike Zarfos

This 28 minute video takes you on a remote “walk” to learn about the rich diversity of plants and animals which share the habitat that occurs because of beaver activity at a Lyme Preserve.

The video was filmed on October 4, 2020.

On Wednesday, February 10, 2021, the Lyme Land Trust provided a Zoom screening of the video, with live comments by Mike Zarfos, writer and narrator; and Sue Cope, host of the webinar and the editor of the video. View the entire 50 minute webinar here.

“Very, Very, Nice. Great audio and video. I learned more with the video than on a real walk. Could hear and see better. Michael was fantastic. And I will be able to see it over and over.”

Gary Gregory, attendee of the webinar​

2. Webinar with live screening, Introduction and Q&A: An Exploration of Beaver Pond Ecology–Hartman Park, Lyme CT with Mike Zarfos

Hartman Park is located on the east side of Gungy Road. The main parking lot is about 1.25 miles north of the intersection with Beaver Brook Road.

3. An Exploration of Forest Plants on the Ravine Trail

We are excited to launch our first full-length educational video: An Exploration of Forest plants on the Ravine Trail with Mike Zarfos, naturalist! Rather than cancel the guided walk which was scheduled for May 30, 2020, we asked Mike to lead a remote walk so that the Lyme Land Trust video production team could record it and provide this virtual tour for you. In the video, which is about a half-hour long, Mike explains how to identify several prominent species of plants and shares interesting facts about their human uses and natural ecology.

Michael Zarfos is a PhD Candidate in Conservation Biology at the College of Environmental Science and Forestry – SUNY.

The Ravine Trail Preserve parking is located on the west side of Joshuatown Road, about 4 miles north of the intersection of Joshuatown Road and Rte. 156. Enjoy Lyme preserves while following posted and current State and Federal safety guidelines.

4. Tree Collective Activities 2019-2020

Reflecting back on the meaningful impacts and lifelong memories made with our high school aged volunteers, “The Tree Collective” led by Regan Stacey.

5. Woodland wanderings with Sue Cope

Sue Cope, Environmental Director of the Lyme Land Trust, is in pursuit of a good spot to place a trail camera. As she wanders, she finds evidence of a variety of wild animals in Banningwood Preserve.