Hunting Program

Anyone who has tried to garden in Lyme has observed and experienced the impact of white tailed deer browsing on treasured plants.  Much of Lyme’s forestland is experiencing heavy deer browse damage. Resident geese are also detrimental to healthy habitat, particularly water quality. Reducing the size of these populations will help protect the vibrant, sustainable open space that enhances the quality of life in Lyme. The Land Trust has partnered with the Town of Lyme to cooperatively administer a hunting program on approximately 860 acres of open space. Controlled hunting decreases the number of wildlife related car accidents, helps decrease the spread of tick-related diseases and provides access for a traditional use of open space in Lyme.

Be safe in the woods.  Wear bright colors (preferably fluorescent blaze orange) during hunting season  September 1 through January 31, and remember that hunting is not allowed anywhere in Lyme on Sunday. Preserves where hunting is permitted are closed Monday through Friday, except to permitted hunters, mid-November to the 4th Tuesday in December. 

The Regulated Hunt Map shows properties where hunting occurs as well as properties open to hiking where no hunting is allowed. Click here for a Chart of the hunting seasons on preserves where hunting is allowed.

PRESERVES WHERE HUNTING OCCURS: Banningwood Preserve, Beebe Preserve, Chestnut Hill Preserve, Eno Preserve, Hand Smith, Honey Hill Preserve, Jewett Preserve, Mount Archer Woods, Pickwick’s Preserve, Plimpton Preserve, Slawson Preserve. Consent to hunt may be granted to licensed hunters by request to the Open Space Coordinator of the Town of Lyme. From September 1 to mid-November and all of January, bow and arrow and/or shotgun hunting is allowed by permitted consent Monday through Thursday; the preserves are not closed to non-hunting users during that time but bright clothing is recommended.  These preserves are closed Monday through Friday, except to permitted hunters, mid-November to the 4th Tuesday in December during deer firearm season.

Hunting is not allowed on Grassy Hill Preserve, Hartman Park, Walbridge Woodlands, Young Preserve, Patrell Preserve, Pleasant Valley Preserve, Roaring Brook Preserve, Sterling City Preserve. They are, therefore open at all times to non-hunting users. The Nature Conservancy coordinates a deer hunt at Selden Creek Preserve; however, the preserve will not be closed because the hunting area is safely separated from the part of the preserve with public trails.

Information for Non-hunters interested in the specifics about the hunting program and properties in Lyme: Hunting Program for Non Hunters 2017

Hunting Requirements w chart and map 2017
For partly filled out consent forms (there are several pages): Sample Hunting Consent Forms 2017

Maps for hunters:
Hand Smith Aerial Map
Hand Smith Topographical Map
Jewett Aerial Map
Mt Archer, Eno, Jewett Hunting Map
Slawson Preserve Hunting Map

For other trail maps, click here. 

For more information or to request hunting consent, email:

Information about hunting seasons, public hunting areas, laws, and regulations is in the Connecticut Hunting and Trapping Guide, which is available at all town halls, license agents, and at:

Report violations of state laws and regulations to the Environmental Conservation Police at (860) 424-3333. You may also use the “Turn-in-Poachers” Hotline at (800) 842-4357, where callers can choose to remain anonymous and receive cash rewards for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the violator.