Volunteer Stewardship Opportunities for the Lyme Land Trust and the Town of Lyme

We will train you for these different positions!

  • Trail volunteer– help to maintain the trails on Lyme preserves.
  • Property monitor (LLT) – walk the perimeter or boundary of a Lyme Land Trust property once a year – more if possible – and file a report. Become a Property Monitor
  • Preserve or trail steward – Adopt a LLT or TOL preserve or trail and gain a thorough knowledge and appreciation, monitor regularly (more than once a year), and help with maintenance. LLT property stewards file an annual report. Become a Property Steward
  •  Chainsaw Brigade– Sign up to be called to remove fallen trees and obstacles as needed in Lyme preserves.
  •  Heavy Lifting Brigade– Ability to perform heavy physical work for excavation or construction; and/or owns and uses power equipment, such as tractors, saws, mowers.
  • For more detail about Stewardship jobs.

Please submit this form and let us know what position(s) you are interested in. We will get back to you. 

To learn about the hunting program. 

Use a smartphone app to show us the location of trail issues. Learn how to use Track Kit app.  The smartphone app called Track Kit works like a GPS unit to track your path. You can help us by pinpointing trail issues, such as a fallen tree that needs removal, by marking the track with a “waypoint” and taking a photo. When you get home, you can download the track, with the waypoints and photos, and send us the URL so that we can exactly locate the issue. 

Submit a trail report

Please Contact Stewardship@LymeLandTrust.org to learn more about this program.