Educational Videos

To Plant or Not to Plant–Preserving Connecticut’s Natural Biodiversity with CT DEEP wildlife biologist Peter Piccone

This zoom webinar, recorded November 4, 2021, is about learning how to make a difference for wildlife by planting native plants and managing invasive plants on a small to large scale, from backyards to open space properties. This program was co-sponsored by Lyme Pollinator Pathway, Lyme Land Trust, and Lyme Public Library.

A Photographer’s Vision – Landscapes with Caryn B Davis

In this Zoom webinar recorded on October 19, 2021, as inspiration for the Imagining Lyme Photography program, award-winning photographer Caryn B. Davis presents her beautiful landscapes. She explains how the natural world influences her creative process, with particular attention to composition. In addition, the photos of distinction for the second challenge of Imagining Lyme are announced and explained. Join the fun–Imagining Lyme.

A Photographer’s Vision–The Expressive Beauty of the Natural World with Joe Standart

Includes the announcement of the Winners of First Season of Imaging Lyme.

In this Zoom webinar recorded on April 7, 2021, Joe Standart, photographer, announces and explains the decision for the photos of distinction for the first Challenge-Light. He also shows examples of his beautiful landscape photography. Join the fun–Imagining Lyme.

It’s All About Astronomy – An Introduction to Astronomy and the Start of a Lyme Land Trust Program

On Thursday, April 15, 2021, the Lyme Land Trust provided a Zoom presentation by Alan Sheiness and Scott Mallory, astronomy enthusiasts, who are spearheading the astronomy program. For more information about the astronomy program, click here.

Winter: Introduction and Q&A – An Exploration of Beaver Pond Ecology–Hartman Park, Lyme CT with Mike Zarfos

On Wednesday, February 10, 2021, the Lyme Land Trust provided a Zoom screening of the video, with live comments by Mike Zarfos, writer and narrator; and Sue Cope, host of the webinar and the editor of the video. View the entire 50 minute webinar here.

“Very, Very, Nice. Great audio and video. I learned more with the video than on a real walk. Could hear and see better. Michael was fantastic. And I will be able to see it over and over.”

— Gary Gregory, attendee of the webinar​

Spring: An Exploration of Forest Plants on the Ravine Trail

We are excited to launch our first full-length educational video: An Exploration of Forest plants on the Ravine Trail with Mike Zarfos, naturalist! Rather than cancel the guided walk which was scheduled for May 30, 2020, we asked Mike to lead a remote walk so that the Lyme Land Trust video production team could record it and provide this virtual tour for you. In the video, which is about a half-hour long, Mike explains how to identify several prominent species of plants and shares interesting facts about their human uses and natural ecology.

Michael Zarfos is a PhD Candidate in Conservation Biology at the College of Environmental Science and Forestry – SUNY.

The Ravine Trail Preserve parking is located on the west side of Joshuatown Road, about 4 miles north of the intersection of Joshuatown Road and Rte. 156. Enjoy Lyme preserves while following posted and current State and Federal safety guidelines.