Property Stewards

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The LLCT depends on volunteer stewards to be our eyes and ears for each and every one of the Land Trust properties– both fee and easement.    Stewards have the opportunity to become familiar with a particular property, to ensure that the conservation values are protected and to serve as a resource for landowners and neighbors about the role of the Land Trust.

Property Steward Qualifications:

  • Willing to “adopt” a property and gain a thorough knowledge and appreciation of the property.
  • Willing to participate in ongoing educational workshops necessary to learn about land stewardship practices and land management.
  • Willing to use our web-based property database, Conservation Track.
  • Willing to perform the duties described below.

General responsibilities of a steward:

  • Monitor property annually, preferably more frequently if public access is allowed.
  • Complete an annual online report of general observation regarding the conservation values of the property.
  • Remove small trash
  • Conduct basic trail maintenance on properties with public trails.
  • Walk the properties and boundaries of conservation restriction areas (with landowner permission) or property boundaries (owned by the LLCT).
  • Assist with trail design and construction where appropriate.
  • Act as a liaison between the LLCT and property owners, neighbors and the community to help build strong, positive relationships.


  • Participate in workshops and events to help facilitate your stewardship and enhance your understanding of the ecology and management of the area.
  • An opportunity to enjoy the natural beauty of Lyme while getting some exercise and meeting new people with a similar interest and commitment to conservation
  • The knowledge that your volunteer time is essential to the success of the LLCTs mission to protect open space in Lyme.

photo credit: Wendolyn Hill