Education and Events Committee

Job Description

Position: Volunteer Committee member

The Lyme Land Trust is dedicated to promoting the benefits of land conservation. The Education and Events Committee plays a pivotal role in that by offering events and activities that encourage an appreciation and understanding of the natural world for our Land Trust members and neighbors.

General Duties: You will be joining an enthusiastic team of volunteers who plan activities that promote the mission of the Lyme Land Trust. The committee presents fun and educational events such as outdoor experiences and hikes, stimulating lectures and presentations and community gatherings.

Volunteer jobs may involve taking the lead or lending a hand in the following ways:

  • Join in brainstorming and planning meetings, arranged by the Events chair, to establish a calendar of upcoming events;
  • Organize or help with an event: schedule a date, secure a location, contact presenters (if applicable), provide a timetable and a list of tasks to be completed by the Committee;
  • Publicity; – Recruit volunteers as needed;
  • Shop for and/or collect supplies;
  • Keep track of participants and expenses;
  • Present a positive image of the Land Trust; and
  • Ensure objectives are met.

Skills and Qualifications – helpful but not required:

  • Intellectual curiosity
  • Event planning
  • Food ordering/presentation
  • Creative ideas for potential events, activities, and speakers.
  • Good Organizational skills.
  • Ability to work individually and with a team; relate well with our Board, members and public.
  • Willingness to carry out the various tasks
  • a “pitch in” attitude.
  • Knowledge or desire to learn about environmental or ecological issues.

Time Requirements: Depends on the event or activity.

Benefits: Satisfaction of making a difference in the community; opportunity to work with individuals of diverse backgrounds; development of effective decision-making skills; increased understanding of the mission of the LLT and the joys and challenges of managing our environment.

Evaluation: Informal observations by the committee chair and other members as we work together to ensure that the objectives are met.

Responsibility: Committee members shall report to the Chair.

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Photo Credit: Wendy hill
Photo Credit: Rochelle Davis