2023 People’s Vision Photography Award: Capturing the Natural Beauty of Lyme

It’s your turn to vote for your favorite photo of 2023! The Lyme Land Trust invites the community to cast their votes for the most captivating photograph that encapsulates the essence of Lyme’s scenic treasures. Photographers from all walks of life have skillfully captured the beautiful landscapes and vibrant ecosystems that define Lyme.

Everyone is invited to vote. The public is invited to visit the Imagining Lyme website 2023 showcase gallery to view all the photo submissions and cast their vote for the photograph that resonates most with them – one vote per person.

Email the title of the photograph and photographer’s name to People’s Vision by 02/28/24
Please put “People’s Vision” in the subject line of the email.

The Imagining Lyme Photography Program is a testament to Lyme Land Trust’s commitment to fostering a deeper appreciation for the natural world and promoting the importance of preserving our local ecosystems. Lyme Land Trust encourages residents, nature enthusiasts, and photography enthusiasts alike to explore the gallery of submissions, connect with the beauty of Lyme, and actively participate in selecting the photograph that will be honored with the People’s Vision Award.

Tiffany Farm by Penny Reneson   (People's Vision Award 2022)
June 2022 - Tiffany Farm - Haying season at the Farm.