Overview of the Meadow at the Lyme Public LIbrary

The Meadows at Town of Lyme Campus near the Lyme Public Library

482 Hamburg Rd., Lyme CT 

This meadow was created in 2016 as part of the Town of Lyme Campus project. The campus planting plan was designed by landscape architect Sarah McCracken and includes predominantly native vegetation. The meadow is on the east side of the library and continues around along the back. It is easily accessible by the public, visible from the library and driveway.

The Lyme Garden Club has performed volunteer year-round maintenance on the meadow on behalf of the Town of Lyme since 2016, including obtaining soil tests, planting new native pollinator-friendly plants, and removing invasive plants. The meadow is mowed once a year. The Town of Lyme provides funding for materials, plants, and mowing.

Click here to read the Lyme Town Campus Landscape Maintenance Manual with a map identifying location of the “Grassy Meadows”.

The pollinator gardens were started by broadcasting seeds from Harts Northeast Wildflower Mix over the Grassy Meadows in 2016. The seed mix is 60% annual and 40% perennial.

Live native plants have been added from 2017 to 2021. The plants were chosen to bloom at different times of the season to provide longer food coverage for pollinators.

Town of Lyme Campus Meadow, photos by Wendy Hill