April 6, 2022-Astronomy with Lyme School Students

Astronomy Group members Alan Sheiness and Jon Dean hosted a session at the Lyme Consolidated School Curiosity Shop on April 6, 2022.  Fifteen students from grades K-5 were in attendance to learn about telescopes, binoculars, the Moon’s cycles, and eclipses.  A rainy day prevented observation of the waxing crescent Moon as originally planned (first astronomy lesson: it’s sometimes cloudy when you want to want to be out stargazing!), but the group made the most of an indoor setting.  The students learned about the basic parts of a telescope from Alan’s old Meade refractor.  Next, they compared the view of some photographs on the other side of the classroom through binoculars and a Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope.  Alan then gave the group a demonstration of the Moon’s various phases as it revolves around the Earth.  The students loved seeing the “solar eclipse.”  The session ended with the group drawing something they learned and sharing it with the rest of the group.
Alan Sheiness demonstrating moon phases

Alan Sheiness is a ten-year resident of Lyme, CT, and treasurer of The Lyme Land Trust. Alan is a life-long astronomy enthusiast and astrophotographer. He is a promoter of dark skies and along with Lyme resident Scott Mallory has established a new astronomy program as part of LLT’s public offerings. You may contact them at alan.sheiness@icloud.com and scott.mallory@gmail.com .