Imagining Lyme – A Visual Exploration of Lyme’s Preserves

You have chosen! The Peoples Vision Award 2021 Winner  Mushroom in the Forest by Rochelle Davis Beebe Preserve, Lyme CT

 See All the Photos of Distinction for 2021 here. Submit your photos now for Winter 2022 Now! Deadline March 30, 2022 for photos taken January 1 to March 19 2022. We hope to see beautiful photos of the snow covered landscape and other winter scenes. The contest is now annual with four categories: Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall. We will have a deadline and award three photos of distinction each season. The submissions will be celebrated with an annual reception. The People’s Vision Award will be chosen by everyone annually. Be sure to check out the tips from Joe and guests to learn different ways to express your vision. Photos may be taken in Lyme in these locations:
  1. Lyme Preserves owned and/or managed by the Lyme Land Trust, Town of Lyme, and The Nature Conservancy
  2. Pollinator/wildlife habitat– May be in a backyard, preserve or in a Lyme Pollinator Pathway garden.
Imagining Lyme encourages amateur photographers to expand their visual awareness and highlight the beauty of our preserves by taking photographs prompted by inspiration from professional photographers, such as Caryn B. Davis and Joe Standart. View a map of the preserves.
Mushroom in the Forest by Rochelle Davis Beebe Preserve, Lyme CT