Do you have an interest in learning more about the stars, planets and outer space? Lyme Land Trust is exploring the establishment of an astronomy program:

  • to create an astronomy club that meets regularly
  • to find a suitably dark space in Lyme to set up an observation site
  • to host astronomy and dark sky programs for the general public.
  • Please fill out this survey to let us know about your interest in astronomy.

The astronomy program is being spearheaded by Alan Sheiness and Scott Mallory.

To learn more, read a quick overview by Alan Sheiness about the importance of dark skies.

Alan Sheiness is a ten-year resident of Lyme, CT, and Treasurer of The Lyme Land Trust. Alan is a promoter of dark skies and amateur astrophotographer. Contact:

Scott Mallory is a three-year resident of Lyme, CT. Scott has a passion for astronomy, and that passion became an earnest hobby under the dark skies of Lyme. Contact: