Memorial Gifts

Memorial donations are a meaningful way to pay tribute to beloved friends and family who have passed. This very kind gesture enhances our ability to conserve the forests and streams of Lyme and provide public access to these beautiful places. We take great care to notify the deceased’s family of all gifts without reference to the amount donated, and we acknowledge each donor with a beautiful card depicting an appropriate Lyme scene by Lyme artist Angie Falstrom. Memorial donations are tax-deductible and we will send you a receipt.

tiffany'satdawnTo make a donation, click here: Dedication Gift Form.

Painting: “Tiffany Farms at Dawn” by Angie Falstrom

A generous act, after a loved one passes, is to suggest in the obituary that friends and family make a donation to the Lyme Land Trust to honor the deceased. In almost every case, members of our Board know the deceased, making the passing especially poignant for the Trust.

The Land Trust is thankful for the requests made in memory of cherished individuals, including the following:

Jane DavisonDecember 26. 2016 – Jane Ingalls Davison, 90, an ardent conservationist, and a long time supporter and cherished friend of the Lyme Land Conservation Trust, died at her home in Lyme surrounded by her family. Jane and her late husband “Cottie” protected over 300 acres on Lord Cove through the Nature Conservancy. To read more about her admirable life, click here: Jane Davison

To make a donation in Jane’s memory, click here:  Dedication Gift Form

August 27, 2016 – Ning (Joan) Rich was a devoted preservationist and longtime resident of Lyme. She served on the Board of the Lyme Land Trust from 1993 to 2003, serving as Vice President from 1997 to 2003. According to Tony Irving, “The Lyme Land Trust has over the years attracted dedicated board members with a knack for knowing what’s important and getting it done.  grassy_hill_painting06Joan Rich was one of those, and the town and our open spaces are better off because of her.”  To read more about her admirable contributions, click here: Ning Rich.

To make a memorial donation, click here: Dedication Gift Form