Support the Land Trust

Image by Skip Broom

Lyme Land Conservation Trust (LLCT) depends on the support of the community in carrying out its mission to conserve the natural, scenic and cultural resources of Lyme.  Support from individuals, demonstrated by high membership levels, also helps LLCT approach foundations for funding large projects by proving a broad base of support from its constituency.

Evidence of this support can be seen in the success of the LLCT.  Nearly 3000 acres of land are protected by the Land Trust as open space to preserve the rural character of the Town of Lyme.  Within this matrix of open space there are a variety of trails throughout town, access to fishing and swimming, hunting, farming, and peaceful contemplation.

For the LLCT, once land is protected the real work begins.  The Land Trust commits to protect the conservation values of a property in perpetuity.  Every year, each property must be checked to ensure the terms of an easement are met or that conservation objectives are upheld.  Boundaries need to be marked; trails, gates and signs need to be maintained; reports need to be filed; and the list goes on.  With your support we can continue our work to protect the unique vistas, wooded hills, and wildlife habitat that encompass the very essence of what makes Lyme special.

There are many ways to support Lyme Land Conservation Trust:

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Memorial Gifts

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Donations of Land or Easements

Planned Giving