Ct Trails Day Walk

Date: Sat June 3, 2017
Time: 10am -12pm

Slawson Preserve
Parking at 435 Hamburg Road, (Rte 156). Lyme CT.

Contact Email: openspace@townlyme.org

Join us for this walk at the Lyme Land Trust’s Slawson 54-acre nature preserve. There are no marked trails on the property. We will have an opportunity to see the work that is being done to create habitat for the threatened New England Cottontail rabbit in cooperation with private landowners and the State. The abutting landowners agreed to harvest mature trees to create early successional habitat over a 6 to 10 year time period. The first harvest on private land was completed in the winter of 2014-15. After receiving funding from the federal NRCS EQIP program, the Land Trust harvest will happen in about a year or so. The Nehantic State Forest will have a tree harvest a few years after that. Staggering the treatments will ensure that desirable young brushy habitat is available over a longer period of time. The creation of early successional habitat is also beneficial to other species such as the prairie warbler, ruffed grouse, indigo bunting, American woodcock, wood turtle, and blue spotted salamander. Interested residents can find more information at http://newenglandcottontail.org.

Parking is available at 435 Hamburg Rd (Rte 156), Lyme, CT. We have permission to park at the end of this long private driveway for this special event only.

Photo by Carly & Art